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Founded around the needs of OBGYNs, Whusa not only understands how challenges like market consolidation, changing consumer behaviors and government regulations affect your ability to practice in the women’s health care market, but also understands how to provide tailored solutions that address these challenges successfully.


Women’s Health USA, Inc., was formed in 1997 by a group of health care executives, led by CEO Robert Patricelli, who together had built and just sold a Fortune 1000 company. We were looking for new challenges and had the good fortune to be introduced to a group of physician leaders in Connecticut who were seeking to create a large “group practice without walls” in the OBGYN field. Our company was created with the express purpose of supporting women’s health practices with comprehensive services that streamline business operations. Today, Whusa is the largest physician practice management company dedicated to women’s health, serving a growing population of more than 350 physicians, throughout the United States.

As the Lead Physician, Dr. Richard Ruben put it, “we have built an Ark to survive the flood, but we need a crew and some fuel.” So the management team boarded the Ark, raised capital, and off they sailed. Now, almost two decades later, Women’s Health USA has become “Whusa,” the Connecticut physicians have grown to about 200 in number, and together we have developed a wealth of skills and technology that Whusa is offering to physicians throughout the country.

Core Values 

Whusa’s core values enable our partners’ practices—as well as our own business—to grow and succeed.

  • Respect – We conduct ourselves professionally and humanely in our interaction with others.
  • Appreciation – We value and recognize everyone for their contributions and accomplishments.
  • Communication – We communicate in a professional and timely manner.
  • Hard Work – We recognize the benefit and results of extra effort and taking initiative.
  • Integrity – We are proud of our work and hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards.
  • Community – We provide leadership for, and participate in, activities that benefit the community.
  • Service – We value our customers and colleagues and will deliver superior service to them.


goran dragolovic

Goran Dragolovic

Chief Executive Officer

Nancy Bernstein

President and Chief Operating Officer

Brian Pskowski

President of In Vitro Sciences

Michael Pascetta

Chief Financial Officer 

Andrea Balogh

Senior Vice President and General Counsel

David Finley

Chairman, Board of Directors


Goran Dragolovic

David Finley

Gregg Osenkowski

Paul Martino

Natasha Deckmann

Kristin Torres Mowat

Bob Patricelli


860-678-3400 | | 22 Waterville Road, Avon, CT 06001