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When you imagined becoming a women’s health provider, you could not have imagined the scale of business challenges you would face.  And they are only growing.  You wonder whether you can stay independent and devoted to your patients, or do you have to sell out to a hospital or other corporation. Whusa has a specific purpose:  to help providers in the women’s health sector to stay independent, succeed economically and to excel in patient care.


Women’s Health USA, now “Whusa,” was founded with a specific purpose: to help providers in the women’s health sector to stay independent, to succeed economically and in terms of physician satisfaction, and to excel in patient care. Whusa does not acquire physician practices. Rather, Whusa attempts to be your best possible business partner to help you succeed.

To do that, Whusa must come equipped with the best possible technology for practice management and electronic medical records (PM and EMR). After more than a dozen years of working with a variety of systems, Whusa has chosen athenahealth as our leading technology partner. Athena consistently scores #1 in the annual KLAS survey of over 50,000 physician users of PM and EMR technology (the leading national physician technology survey), and we have thoroughly tested it with three of our flagship partner customers. 


Whusa has a Master Contract with Athena which allows you to access this technology at reduced fees consistent with our large and growing volume. That said, Whusa will work with you using different technologies if you so choose.

But technology alone will not assure your success. You need solutions that go beyond PM and EMR systems. You need better payer fees that recognize the value you bring, access to the best clinical protocols and quality management, enhanced marketing and other ways to generate new sources of revenue, expense reduction, risk management and a peer support group of the most successful OBGYNs in the country. We bring you all of that, developed and tested in a partnership lasting almost 20 years with the largest OBGYN group in the country. Review our list of health care practice management services.



Supporting large OBGYN groups

For large OBGYN practices, Whusa offers a comprehensive array of proven services that are tailored to your unique challenges. Large groups are defined as having 25 or more providers—there are perhaps 50-75 such organizations throughout the country. If you are among those, you have already understood the importance of aggregating for scale and leverage, but may need expert assistance in achieving your goals.  Whusa offers your team access to our full menu of services, customized to your specific needs.

Whusa works in partnership with you, providing leverage that enables you to control the future of your practice. Whether you need revenue cycle management, electronic medical services or patient communications, our services and smooth onboarding of the technologies you choose keep your practice moving and your focus on providing quality patient care.

Review our list of women’s health care practice management services.

Example: Physicians for Women’s Health (PWH) also known under the consumer brand, Women’s Health Connecticut (WHC)

This is Whusa’s flagship partner. Starting in 1997, Whusa began working with 130 physicians in 25 separate practices to form what is now the nation’s largest single-state OBGYN group of more than 200 physicians operating in about 85 practice locations. Together, they formed a jointly owned management services organization, Women’s Health Connecticut (WHC) that has worked to garner higher managed care reimbursements, manage professional liability exposure, establish high-quality care standards and increase revenue streams.

  • Formed relationships with health plans that resulted in major revenue increases by between 25-40%, including pay for value contracts and a bundled payment program for obstetrics
  • Implemented the full Athena system through Whusa’s Master Contract, and customized it to optimize its use for our specialty
  • Established 40+ clinical protocols for participating physicians
  • Established the nation’s most successful, physician-owned captive insurance company to secure lower professional liability rates and implemented aggressive risk management programs
  • Developed revenue-enhancing initiatives, including a physician-owned laboratory to cover WHC’s blood and pathology testing, resulting in incremental annual income to each partner physician

Learn more about Women's Health Connecticut.



Growing women’s specialty practices

Whusa also supports providers in women’s health specialty fields beyond general OBGYN. For example, Whusa has assisted OBGYN groups to work with or add specialists in such fields as Maternal Fetal Medicine (MFM), urogynecology, and gynecologic oncology, and provide a full range of services to those specialists. In the case of reproductive endocrinology and in vitro fertilization, Whusa has a separate division, In Vitro Sciences, supporting IVF centers in the United States.

With the current amplified focus by many payers on “population health,” Whusa also supports a number of experiments within partner groups to bring basic primary care into the OBGYN office. Bringing consultation and support to our physician groups on the latest trends in payer policy is part of Whusa’s mission.

Review our offerings of women’s health care practice management services.

Example: Reproductive Endocrinology/IVF 

Starting in 1998, Whusa assisted a group of RE physicians operating within a university setting to establish a separate PC on a joint venture basis with Whusa. Whusa built and operates the licensed ambulatory surgery center and IVF/endocrine lab for The Center for Advanced Reproductive Services (CARS) and has helped make the CARS program one of the top 15 IVF centers in the country with leading clinical quality scores and patient volumes.

Whusa provides support to CARS in these key areas:

  • Utilization of practice management systems with integration into IVF-specific EMR
  • Referral growth
  • Managed care relationship/reimbursement improvements
  • Strategic expansion including additional satellite offices
  • Enabled growth to include 6 reproductive endocrinologist physicians and 2 nurse practitioners



Assisting small OBGYN practices

It’s hard to provide quality patient care when you and your staff are spending time chasing down payments, addressing EMR requirements and dealing with a high call volume. For smaller groups, from 3 to 25 physicians, the problems are even more complicated. Not only do you have all the technology and business challenges faced by larger groups, but you may not yet have aggregated to a scale that permits you to achieve economies and scale and leverage in contracting and buying services.

Whusa customizes its services to help you in the footprint you now have and to grow beyond it. Whusa can introduce you to the athenahealth suite of practice management and EMR services at especially attractive rates through our Master Contract with Athena, or work with you staying on your current technology.

Review our list of women’s health care practice management services.

Example: Orange Coast Women's Medical Group

In the case of Orange Coast Women’s Medical Group, headquartered in Orange County, California, Whusa partnered with 15 physicians already on Athena technology to help them create a strategy and legal framework to rapidly grow their group through mergers with other small groups, assisted in marketing to new groups, and in bringing immediate benefits through group purchasing, clinical protocols and customization of Athena templates, and enhanced managed care relationships. Whusa is working with the Orange Coast Women’s Medical Group to provide this unique business model with custom back-office solutions that use the group’s strength in numbers to grow.

  • Developing solutions to fit Orange Coast Women's Medical Group’s unique structure
    • Multiple independent practices financially integrating under one Tax ID
    • Includes contract with athenahealth for athenaCollector®, athenaClinicals® and athenaCommunicator® services
    • Also includes group purchasing contract
  • Working together to recruit other OBGYN practices in the area
  • Actively exploring other revenue enhancing opportunities for the group

Learn more about Orange Coast Women’s Medical Group.


Example: New Jersey

In the case of New Jersey, Whusa is bringing an initial group of six OBGYN practices up on the Athena technology and is now helping them with payer contracting and approaching several other practitioners to join their group.


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